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How Childbirth Can Result in Pelvic Organ Prolapse

In an ideal world, issues keep the place they’re supposed to remain and carry out the best way they’re speculated to carry out.

There’s nothing good, nevertheless, about the best way childbirth stretches and tears the ligaments in a lady’s pelvis that maintain up her inside organs. When they’re worn out, the uterus, bladder and rectum can drop decrease than they need to and even protrude by means of the vagina, inflicting a number of points when urinating and shifting the bowels.

However Dr. Christine LaSala, director of the Urogynecology Division at Hartford Hospital and a Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute urogynecologist, stated girls don’t must endure in silence a few situation referred to as pelvic organ prolapse.

“4 out of 10 girls who’ve had vaginal deliveries will develop prolapse. Of these 4, one will want surgical procedure to repair the issue,”   Dr. LaSala stated. “But it’s one thing girls nonetheless don’t need to discuss and they’ll adapt and put up with it so long as they’ll.”

Anatomically, the bladder, uterus and rectum/bowels are supported in a lady’s pelvic area by pelvic flooring muscle tissue and a hammock of ligaments and connective tissue. When the pelvic flooring muscle tissue – those focused by Kegel workout routines – are broken from childbirth, the physique depends on the hammock to help the organs.

“This isn’t a great factor as a result of the hammock is meant to stretch throughout being pregnant to permit room for the growing child,” Dr. LaSala stated.

As girls age, the organs could proceed to drop additional into the vagina. Indicators of pelvic organ prolapse embody:

  • Bulge within the vagina the place the organ is definitely protruding out of the physique.
  • Sturdy urge to urinate however while you attempt to go, you’ll be able to’t with out pushing the bulge again up, a situation referred to as voiding dysfunction.
  • Urine leakage.
  • Issue shifting the bowels as a result of stool will get “caught” within the rectal bulge.

“Girls are embarrassed by this and truly really feel much less female,” Dr. LaSala stated, including {that a} associate would possibly discover one thing totally different throughout intercourse as nicely.

She supplied a number of choices for treating pelvic organ prolapse:

  • Inserting a pessary as a conservative, nonsurgical strategy. A pessary is a versatile gadget inserted into the vagina to help the uterus, vagina, bladder or rectum. Most ladies are candidates for this selection and Dr. LaSala stated “it buys them a while but it surely is not going to reverse issues.”
  • Surgical procedure. A affected person’s wants, expectations and life-style will dictate the surgical strategy that may be taken for prolapse. One possibility is a vaginal bladder tuck, a one-day process to tighten the hammock beneath the bladder, though the prolapse could recur. Hysterectomy will be the reply if it’s the uterus that’s prolapsed. A 3rd possibility is laparoscopic by means of an incision, utilizing a mesh graft or the affected person’s personal tissue, to tighten the tissue within the pelvis.

Step one for ladies who really feel they’ve prolapse is to talk with their main care doctor or gynecologist, Dr. LaSala stated. They will then be referred to a urogynecologist, a specialist like her whose focus is the well being of the feminine urinary tract.

For extra data on pelvic organ prolapse or the Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute’s Division of Urogynecology, click on right here.


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