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Tanya Roberts’ loss of life: Can a UTI be deadly?

However what Roberts was allegedly affected by is completely different from the extra frequent UTI that’s skilled by as much as 60% of girls, one skilled advised Fox Information.

“Having a UTI is an excellent frequent factor for a girl,” Maria Sophocles, MD, gynecologist and sexual medication specialist of Ladies’s Healthcare of Princeton, advised Fox Information. “Some get recurrent UTIs, which is for those who get a UTI inside three months of your authentic an infection – which is usually reinfection.”


Sophocles mentioned UTIs are normally straightforward to deal with and simple to diagnose for physicians due to the signs it causes, resembling burning whereas urinating, blood within the urine, or the frequent have to urinate.

“It’s one thing you wish to deal with in case you have one, as a result of UTIs principally begin within the decrease urinary tract, which is the bladder and the urethra,” she mentioned. “So long as it’s within the decrease urinary tract it’s not harmful, nevertheless it’s uncomfortable.”

Nonetheless, if the an infection goes untreated or undetected, the an infection can ascend upward and impression the kidneys or different organs. It’s not clear if Roberts had any underlying well being circumstances, or if she had sought therapy for a UTI previous to her hospitalization, however Lance O’Brien advised Fox Information earlier this week that she was experiencing issues from a UTI that unfold to her kidneys, liver and gallbladder earlier than it “received into her blood.”  


Sophocles, who was not concerned in Roberts’ therapy, mentioned that higher urinary tract infections are more likely to land a affected person within the hospital, and when a loss of life happens from UTI “it’s nearly by no means from the easy simple decrease UTI.”

“It’s nearly all the time individuals who have higher UTI kidney an infection, nearly all the time older individuals and it’s nearly all the time people who find themselves within the hospital,” she mentioned, including that those that develop decrease UTIs and search immediate therapy are unlikely to expertise any of the extreme issues.

“Remedy for decrease UTIs is straightforward,” she mentioned. “It’s an antibiotic, wherever from a three- to seven-day course to manage the bacterial an infection. As soon as it’s within the higher urinary tract, you could want IV antibiotics within the hospital. If that is what Tanya Roberts was hospitalized or handled for – the bacterial an infection didn’t get beneath management.”

Roberts' longtime partner said she was hospitalized for complications stemming from a UTI that had gone to her kidney, liver, gallbladder and "into her blood."

Roberts’ longtime companion mentioned she was hospitalized for issues stemming from a UTI that had gone to her kidney, liver, gallbladder and "into her blood."
(Photograph by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Hydration, Sophocles mentioned, is essential in stopping UTIs from occurring within the first place, as is ensuring the vagina stays stuffed with estrogen, particularly for girls who’re post-menopausal. Many additionally imagine that urinating after intercourse might help stave off an infection, as intercourse acts as a mechanism for micro organism to enter the vagina, however Sophocles factors out that hydrating to make sure the bladder is full earlier than urinating is best.

“After we acidify the urine – like taking a vitamin C complement – micro organism doesn’t like that in order that’s one other preventative measure,” she mentioned. “There are additionally prescription medicines that aren’t antibiotics, however an antibacterial that forestalls the micro organism from binding to the wall of the bladder.”

Cranberry extract dietary supplements have been proven to be useful, she added.

Regardless of prevention and recognizing the signs, in uncommon instances it’s potential for a UTI to go undetected, she warned. In these instances, if urine instantly has an order otherwise you see blood, and are probably affected by decrease again ache or fever and chills, it is best to seek the advice of a doctor, Sophocles mentioned.

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