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Why Do Potatoes Have a Increased Glycemic Index Than Sugar?

Do you know that potatoes have a comparatively excessive glycemic index (GI) rating? The GI charges how a lot sure meals elevate your blood glucose. Every number of potato has a special index rating, however lots of them fall between 80 and 90.

Potatoes are a staple in diets all through the world as a result of they’re an reasonably priced and nutritious vegetable. Individuals who select to restrict high-glucose meals would not clearly keep away from potatoes as a result of we regularly affiliate excessive GI meals with these meals that include sugar.

So how is it that potatoes have a excessive GI rating? It is all in regards to the starch and the way it converts to glucose in your physique.

The Starch Impact

Too typically, glucose is related to sweetness. Common white potatoes aren’t a meals that’s thought of candy or “sugary.” Nonetheless, potatoes are virtually all starch and starch is made up of lengthy strings of glucose.

For the reason that starch in potatoes is quickly digested, the glycemic index of potatoes could be virtually as excessive as that of glucose alone. The glycemic index of glucose is 100 factors; potatoes are normally listed as being within the excessive 80s or low 90s.

Nonetheless, potatoes have a increased GI rating than desk sugar.

How is that attainable? Sucrose (desk sugar) has a GI of 59. It’s a disaccharide (two sugar) molecule made up of 1 glucose molecule and one fructose molecule. Fructose is processed otherwise in your physique than glucose, and it does not have an effect on your blood sugar as a lot.

An oz. of carbohydrate from potatoes has twice as a lot glucose as sugar. If you consider it that means, it is solely logical that potatoes would elevate blood glucose extra considerably than desk sugar.

Nonetheless, not all potatoes are created equal, and there are methods to decrease their impression in your blood glucose. You’ll be able to nonetheless take pleasure in a number of potatoes right here and there; simply preserve your servings in verify.

The starch in potatoes is transformed to sugar in your physique. For that motive, potatoes can have a extra important impact on blood glucose than desk sugar.

Components to Take into account

Two main components that affect the glycemic index of potatoes embrace the range and the cooking methodology.


There are lots of sorts of potatoes and it could not be correct to say that each potato has a glycemic index of 80 or 90. Actually, researchers have discovered that some sorts of potatoes could be as little as 53 on the glycemic index.

In a single examine, researchers put seven potato varieties to the check: Russet Burbank, Mayflower, Nicola, Bintje, Carisma, Desiree, and Virginia Rose. Of those, they discovered that the Carisma potato had a GI of 53, making it the one one of many group to be labeled as low-GI.´╗┐´╗┐

The Nicola was the subsequent highest at 69 GI, falling into the medium-GI class. Russet Burbank potatoes, that are very talked-about, ranked the very best at 82 GI. Basically, potatoes can vary in GI worth from 53 to 111, with white potatoes sometimes exhibiting up decrease on the index. Leaving the pores and skin on provides fiber, which might scale back the potato’s impact on glucose.

Typically, the candy potato is rated with a GI within the mid-40s.

Cooking Methodology

The best way you put together your potatoes, together with cooking methodology and added components, can even have an effect on the glycemic impression.

A examine revealed by the Journal of the American Dietetic Affiliation examined how completely different cooking strategies have an effect on the glucose response of potatoes.´╗┐´╗┐ Researchers discovered that the way in which that potatoes are ready performs an enormous function.

Researchers advise customers to precook potatoes and devour them chilly or reheated in the event that they need to reduce glycemic impression.

Immediate mashed potatoes and boiled crimson potatoes elicited the very best glycemic response. Roasting potatoes and baking potatoes had a barely decrease glycemic response.

Issues About GI

There was concern over the accuracy and the effectiveness of utilizing GI for managing blood sugar. One situation is the accuracy of testing procedures. An issue arises in that the checks for the glycemic index solely present a median, whereas the glycemic index quantity itself is definitely a median of these averages.

Within the case of potatoes, the completely different research used to compute the index have outcomes starting from 53 to 111. Every of these research was run on various folks and solely the typical was reported. So, the glycemic index quantity itself is probably not correct sufficient to be useful.

Different researchers have reported that utilizing the glycemic index alone might not present substantial well being advantages.´╗┐´╗┐ Some research have proven that the index could be useful within the administration of diabetes, weight problems, and heart problems danger.´╗┐´╗┐ Different research have discovered the alternative.´╗┐´╗┐

Get the Glycemic Index of Many Widespread Meals

Ought to You Restrict Potatoes?

There are various factors that you need to contemplate when deciding whether or not or to not embrace potatoes in your low GI food plan.

Personalised Response

Totally different folks have completely different glycemic responses to completely different meals. Essentially the most important issue is how your individual physique reacts to a potato. You will get this data with a blood glucose meter.

This data is particularly vital in case your physique is on the diabetes spectrum and does not course of sugars effectively. Excessive blood sugars take a toll in your physique, making harm to your pancreas and different problems from diabetes extra possible.

Portion Measurement

Potatoes have many dietary advantages. A single serving of potatoes is taken into account to be 150 grams. The glycemic load (and glycemic response) will rely on how a lot you eat at one time and what different meals you might have with the potatoes.

More often than not, potatoes are eaten as a part of a meal fairly than by themselves and that can modify how they have an effect on your blood glucose.

For example, in case you eat low-carb meat with a small potato aspect and a salad, the meal is balanced. The opposite meals can truly scale back the impact the potatoes have in your glucose.

The identical could be stated for low glycemic meals like beans and plenty of greens. If you happen to cook dinner potatoes in a dish that has loads of wholesome fats, protein, or fiber, the glucose results are additionally diminished.

A Phrase From Verywell

Whereas potatoes could be fairly excessive in glucose, take into accout the issues you are able to do to scale back it. If you wish to eat potatoes, choose a decrease GI potato selection, take pleasure in smaller servings, and pair them with meals that counteract the glucose. Most significantly, monitor your blood glucose and see how these adjustments have an effect on you personally.

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