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What Is the Sirtfood Food regimen?

At Verywell, we imagine there isn’t any one-size-fits-all strategy to a wholesome way of life. Profitable consuming plans must be individualized and take the entire particular person into consideration. Previous to beginning a brand new eating regimen plan, seek the advice of together with your healthcare supplier or a registered dietitian, particularly if in case you have an underlying well being situation.

The Sirtfood Food regimen was developed by Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, nutritionists within the U.Okay. The eating regimen is defined within the e book of the identical title, “The Sirtfood Food regimen,” which was initially printed within the U.Okay. in 2016 and the USA in 2018.

The eating regimen claims that followers can lose as much as seven kilos in seven days. It’s marketed as a dietary plan that activates your “skinny gene” by consuming meals wealthy in sirtuins (SIRTs), a gaggle of seven proteins discovered within the physique which can be related to a number of well being advantages and features, together with slowing down the growing old course of, lowering irritation, and regulating metabolism.

Sirtuin-activating meals (sirtfoods) could possibly improve the extent of those seven proteins within the physique. Sirtfoods are primarily plant-based, antioxidant-rich meals like darkish chocolate, matcha inexperienced tea, kale, strawberries, crimson wine, blueberries, and extra.

At its core, the Sirtfood Food regimen is a calorie-restricted eating regimen that dubs sirtfoods as the brand new superfoods. Whereas there may be scientific analysis to help the features of sirtuins within the physique, there’s a lack of proof supporting the Sirtfood Food regimen as an entire.

What Consultants Say

“The Sirtfood eating regimen emphasizes consuming meals which can be excessive in sirtuins. Sirtuins (SIRTs) are a gaggle of seven proteins discovered within the physique which have been proven to control a wide range of features, like metabolism and stress responses, and doubtlessly play a task in longevity and illness administration. Whereas many of the analysis on the advantages of sirtuins is on animals, the rising science in people is promising. For sure, the eating regimen comes with drawbacks. Primarily it guarantees to activate your ‘skinny gene.’ Any eating regimen that makes a promise like that needs to be a crimson flag. As well as, whereas the meals on the eating regimen are nutrient-rich and may present many well being advantages, the eating regimen will be restrictive, costly, and unrealistic to observe long-term. Lastly, the primary section of the eating regimen is simply too low in energy for most individuals, and this plan is just not meant for these with a historical past of disordered consuming.”

Barbie Cervoni, MS, RD, CDCES, CDN

What Can You Eat?

Well-known for permitting crimson wine and darkish chocolate, the Sirtfood Food regimen primarily consists of assorted fruits, grains, leafy greens, herbs, spices, oils, and drinks which can be excessive in sirtuin activators. Meat is elective on the Sirtfood Food regimen, so it may be tailored for vegans and vegetarians. Nevertheless, meat needs to be eaten sparsely.

What You Have to Know

Whereas the meals is excessive in sirtuins, the energy are low. Limiting your energy is simply as essential as consuming sirtfoods on this eating regimen. 

There are two phases of the Sirtfood Food regimen, which lasts for a complete of three weeks. 

Part One (one week):

  • Throughout days one to 3, you possibly can eat one meal wealthy in sirtuins and three inexperienced drinks (juices or shakes), which add as much as 1,000 energy complete.
  • On days 4 to seven, you possibly can improve your day by day energy to 1,500, which is break up between two meals and two inexperienced drinks.

Part Two (two weeks):

  • Throughout these two weeks, you devour three sirtuin-rich meals and one inexperienced drink per day.

After three weeks, you possibly can repeat this system instantly or modify it to include sirtfoods into your eating regimen with out calorie restrictions.

What to Eat

  • Fruit and veggies

  • Grains

  • Animal merchandise (sparsely)

  • Espresso, tea, and crimson wine

  • Herbs and spices

  • Darkish chocolate

  • Soy and beans

  • Nuts

  • Additional virgin olive oil

What To not Eat

  • Refined flours

  • Added sugars

  • Processed meals

Fruits and Greens

Sirtfoods are usually wealthy in antioxidants, so it’s no shock that the next vegatables and fruits are inspired on the Sirtfood Food regimen: kale, strawberries, onions, arugula, capers, blueberries, Medjool dates, and crimson chicory. 

Herbs and Spices

Turmeric, parsley, lovage, and different herbs and spices are advisable whereas on the Sirtfood Food regimen. They can be utilized in inexperienced juices or so as to add taste to meals.


Whereas on the Sirtfood Food regimen, you devour no less than one inexperienced drink (juice or shake) per day. Within the very starting, a number of inexperienced drinks are advisable per day. As time goes on, you’ll slowly incorporate extra meals and fewer drinks. Antioxidant-rich drinks like crimson wine, espresso, and tea are allowed day by day.

Soy, Legumes, and Meat

Protein sources on the Sirtfood Food regimen embrace soy, legumes, and meat. Soy and legumes are sources of sirtuins whereas meat is just not. If meat is consumed, it ought to solely be eaten sparsely since it’s excessive in energy and never a wealthy supply of sirtuins. Vegans and vegetarians can get their protein from plant-based sources of sirtuins like tofu and beans.


The Sirtfood Food regimen permits grains, together with pasta made with grains, although buckwheat is strongly advisable since it’s excessive in sirtuins. Buckwheat flakes and puffs can be utilized to make sirtuin-rich breakfast meals like muesli.

Wholesome Fat

Nuts, olive oil, and dairy are all allowed on the Sirtfood Food regimen. Sirtuin-rich sources of fats embrace further virgin olive oil, walnuts, and fatty fish.

Execs and Cons


  • Might contribute to weight reduction

  • Wealthy in antioxidants

  • Proof supporting sirtuins

  • Appropriate for vegans and vegetarians


  • Very low in energy

  • Unsustainable long-term

  • Lack of proof supporting the eating regimen

  • Heavy in inexperienced juices

Is the Sirtfood Food regimen a Wholesome Selection for You?

The primary enchantment to the Sirtfood Food regimen is weight reduction. Although the eating regimen claims you possibly can lose seven kilos in seven days, this isn’t according to the widely advisable one to 2 kilos of wholesome weight reduction per week. 

The Sirtfood Food regimen is just not advisable for folks with diabetes, different persistent situations, or a historical past of disordered consuming.

The Sirtfood Food regimen consists of many nutrient-rich meals like fruits, greens, nuts, and herbs. Nevertheless, changing meals with inexperienced juices and limiting energy to 1,000 to 1,500 day by day is unsustainable long-term.

Well being Advantages

The Sirtfood Food regimen consists closely of plant-based meals which can be wealthy in vitamins, antioxidants, and sirtuins, which can yield some well being advantages.

Might Lead to Weight Loss

The premise of the Sirtfood Food regimen is that by consuming loads of sirtuin-activating meals, sure genes might be turned on to spice up metabolism and burn fats. Some animal research have linked these genes to lipolysis and fats loss. Weight reduction skilled on the Sirtfood Food regimen may additionally be attributed to the calorie restriction.

Sirtuins Might Have Anti-Growing older Properties

Along with weight reduction, slowing the growing old course of is a serious enchantment to the Sirtfood Food regimen. Researchers have studied the anti-aging properties of sirtfoods and counsel fusing Asian and Mediterranean diets, that are particularly wealthy in sirtfoods, to stop persistent illnesses and guarantee wholesome growing old.

Wealthy in Antioxidants

Antioxidant-rich meals like blueberries, crimson wine, espresso, and darkish chocolate will not be solely allowed on the Sirtfood Food regimen, they’re inspired. Antioxidants have been proven to guard towards illness and free radical harm.

Well being Dangers

Although the Sirtfood Food regimen incorporates loads of vegatables and fruits, it’s usually criticized for being too low in energy and thus unsustainable long-term. Nevertheless, features of the Sirtfood Food regimen will be included right into a balanced eating regimen.

Low in Energy

The Sirtfood Food regimen ranges from 1,000 to 1,500 energy per day. The 2020-2025 USDA Dietary Tips for People recommends between 2,000 to three,200 energy per day for grownup males and 1,600-2,400 day by day energy for grownup girls relying on age and exercise degree. Consuming fewer energy has been proven to lead to weight reduction, however a eating regimen that’s too low in energy might not be nutritionally enough.

Not Sustainable

The primary section of the Sirtfood Food regimen replaces as much as two meals per day with inexperienced juices. It is usually very low in energy. Although the second section incorporates extra energy and stable meals, the three-week plan is just not sustainable long-term. The eating regimen permits followers to repeat the three-week plan instantly to proceed weight reduction, which isn’t advisable.

A Phrase From Verywell

When attempting a brand new eating regimen, you could really feel a way of optimism that this new approach of consuming will assist you to attain your whole targets. There isn’t a magic eating regimen that may assist you to accomplish your targets in only a matter of days or perhaps weeks. Nevertheless, a balanced way of life can assist you enhance your long-term well being over time.

The Sirtfood Food regimen is like different fad diets. It guarantees speedy weight reduction in a brief period of time. It’s possible you’ll expertise weight reduction not as a result of the eating regimen is revolutionary however as a result of it’s so low in energy. Whilst you could shed pounds on this plan, there may be extra to well being than a quantity on a scale.

Bear in mind, following a long-term or short-term eating regimen might not be vital for you and plenty of diets on the market merely don’t work, particularly long-term. Whereas we don’t endorse fad eating regimen developments or unsustainable weight reduction strategies, we current the details so you can also make an knowledgeable resolution that works greatest on your dietary wants, genetic blueprint, price range, and targets.

In case your aim is weight reduction, do not forget that dropping pounds isn’t essentially the identical as being your healthiest self, and there are a lot of different methods to pursue well being. Train, sleep, and different way of life elements additionally play a serious function in your general well being. The most effective eating regimen is at all times the one that’s balanced and suits your way of life.

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